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Nom : Texture Hack v1.0
Date d'ajout : 28/12/2011
Téléchargements : 3812
Statut : Indétecté
Jeu : Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Courte description : Cheat qui vous permet de modifier les textures du jeu pour rendre les joueurs plus visibles.
Description : VAC Status: Undetected as if 16 november 2011

Colored players
- Choose between the colors: Blue, cyan, green, purple, pink, yellow and red!
- Snipers are colored separately.
Colored explosives/sentry gun
- Choose between the colors green, purple and yellow,
Reduced/removed foliage
- This feature removes the bushes, high grass, leafs and other stuff
No HudBlood
- This feature removes the blood splatters when being shot at.
- A simple to use autoinstaller, takes about a minute to install
Integrated backup creator
- Generates backup files for easy restore of your original files.
.NET Framework 3.5

How to use
1. Download and extract the attachment at the bottom of this post.
2. Open up Texture Hack Installer.exe.
3. It should auto-detect your MW3 game path, if not, browse to it.
4. Choose which colours you want for each team and for explosives and snipers.
5. Choose whether to have reduced foliage and no blood HUD. You can also choose to have coloured players, explosives and snipers, just in-case you don't want all of them.
6. Create a backup, you should do this just in-case you want to uninstall the hack. Click on Backups then Create Backups. Be patient, don't close the window. To restore a backup, click on Restore Backups. It will ask you if you want to do a quick restore which deletes the modified IWDs and renames the backups. This will make restoring very fast but the downside it that you will have to make a backup again.
7. Click on Install and wait for it to install. As written above, it should take around a minute to install. It may depend on how fast your computer is.

Enjoy, and have fun texture hacking!

If you run into problems with the texture hack itself, report them to me.

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Contrôle anti-robot : pour lancer le téléchargement, cliquez d'abord sur le vert (1) et ensuite sur le rouge (2). Après ces 2 clics, le lien de téléchargement s'affichera ci-dessous.

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